Sparkling white wine

Petillant 2022

Sparkling white wine


Muscat de Frontignan, Macabeu, Xarel·lo


Bright to look at with light greenish tones, abundant small, fine bubbles that rise to the surface of the wine. Fresh on the nose with fruity notes of citrus and primary aromas of the Muscat variety, the palate is sparkling with a soft acidity that evokes freshness.



La Guàrdia. The highest and most rugged vineyard on the property, situated 350 m above sea level, stony soils with a predominance of lime. Planted with Muscat de Frontignan in 2003.
Can Fontanals. Macabeu, Xarel·lo and Parellada vines planted between 1978 and 1988, trellis-grown, with a yield of 10,000–12,000 kg/ha per year. Calcareous clayey soils.


2022 The last quarter of 2021 and the very dry winter, non-existent autumn rains, due to this, the water reserves in the subsoil were not filled. First rains in mid-March and late April, 32 lt. In June and nothing else... This is the summary of a year that has turned out to be very similar to 2016. Apart from the extreme drought, since May we have been accompanied by 4 waves of intense and long heat that dehydrated the plant, making it suffer until the last moment, this caused an advance of the beginning of the harvest by about 10 days compared to what is usual. In short, this vintage has been marked by the excellent quality and health of the grapes, although with yields almost 40% lower than usual.

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